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Buy to let a property

GET YOUR EPC UPDATED - EPC certificates have now been around since 2007. This means that the EPC on your property may have expired, or outdated due to a change of boiler, or insulation upgrade.


This may also cause issues with lenders for rental properties, as the majority of valuations for a property will be based on rental income. If the property suffers from a low EPC rating, this will restrict it from being rented out until this is remedied. A low EPC rating will affect the valuation and potential finance offered

After an EPC survey has been conducted, a  property is given an energy-efficiency grade between A and G, with A being the best - ie most energy-efficient - and G being the worst.

If you wish to buy to let a property which has an EPC rating of F-G rating, then you are likely to have problems getting a mortgage. If you have a low EPC rating then getting a conventional buy to let mortgage is difficult, but can be overcome.



Getting a mortgage with a low EPC rating.